Axel popping out from the side of My Shutter....

So my i let my friend borrow my shutter while he went to Korea for vacation.
He’s a perfectionist so I knew he wouldn’t ding it up or damage it so I really had no concern,

One day, he messaged me and said that there was a bump on the sides on the flat spot.
He said he tightened the axel all the way to the sides, and that he thought that was what was supposed to be done.
This happened to both sides
Will this affect play at all? Will this stop finer spins?
I tried asking him, but he’s too new to really tell a difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you message your friend to send pics so people can assess the damage?

He overtightened it. That might cause some vibe, won’t really affect anything else.

This smells of bad news. There’s no good reason for this to happen. Possible culprits:

  1. He tried tightening without a bearing installed or with a half-spec bearing; there’s still room in many yoyos, but maybe not the Shutter?

  2. He cross-threaded and caused the axle to get “stuck”; if it’s stuck in one half, it can push beyond its intended limits on the other. Then he took out the axle and did it again, sticking it in the opposite half. :wink:

  3. He put an axle of the wrong length?

Unfortunately I’m suspecting #2.

Dont think its any of those 3.
I’ve actually seen another shutter with that same problem, one of the early shutters.
Pretty sure it worked fine, although there might have been some vibe. Is your shutter one of the earlier shutters? I remember something about them that happened where you could screw it too tight.

How is that even possible, though? Imagine the threads in the halves, with a bearing in-between as a “tunnel”. The axle would have to be longer than this “tunnel” in order for that to happen. You could be the strongest person in the world and tighten your hardest, and at a certain point it just can’t tighten anymore and the threads will strip.

You can overtighten with certain plastic yoyos because of their spacer and axle systems. But for just tapped aluminum halves, unless the axle gets somehow “stuck” (usually cross-threading) in one half before it has gone to maximum depth, you just can’t mathematically do it.

Um, he’s able to take the yoyo apart , and take the axel out …
It’s the national champion edition, 1st run, aqua blue, with a CTX bearing
And the killer: it’s the same axel it came with…

My bet is he screwed the yoyo together without a bearing, it’s that, or the bump was always there but it was not very noticeable to you.

You break it, you buy it.

Um, it was already mine so…

Anyways, he said he dosen’t remember screw it without a bearing
But besides a little vibe, will i still be able to finger spin with it?

No youre supposed to tell him that.

It shouldn’t add vibe. And yea, you should still be able to do finger spins.

Might be, one side of the axle hole is rather concaved which is supposed to fit the convex tip of the axle, and the other side of the axle hole is flat which is supposed to fit the other end (hex key side) of the axle which is flat.
And then he flipped the axle and tighten it.

It would be a horrible design decision, but yeah, this could maybe do it, too.

Ok , this explains it…
He did in fact switch the sides of the axle, because he thought that it was in the wrong way because the axle side that was exposed didn’t have the hexagon shaped hole for the yyf tool to fit in

Strange, didnt know axles had to go in a certain way

They shouldn’t have to. If in fact this is the problem (not confirmed) it’s bad design. Both taps should have the taper in them and I can’t imagine it being any other way. I think this might be a red herring.

Now to think about it, I was silly, because they obviously made each halves the same, there is no way they would design that on purpose… it will cost more to make each halves different, also they have to pair each halves making things more difficult that it should.
The better and makes more sense explanation is probably inconsistency in machining that one side is tapped a bit more than the other, and then it was factory assembled with the convex part of the axle facing the less tapped one, which was no problem. Flipping the axle would lock its flat side to the less tapped side and you could figure out the rest.

Does the shutter also have its axle occupying the entire depth of the hole? This happened to one of my yoyos as well, although its not a YYF.

I did that to mine also the aluminum in that area is thin. I barely snugged it up in one side and noticed a bump so I did it to the other to make it even. Doesn’t really do anything should be fine.

It happened to my first run Shutter. It should still play fine. Maybe a bit better. :slight_smile: mine sure did. It got rid of vibe