Do the new shutters have the hub problem that the first run did?

I just recieved one of the new blasted shutters and man is she beautiful. I also had an OG shutter that suffered from the bump in the cup when the axel pushed through a bit. Does this run have the same problem? I never over tighten my yoyos so should I be good? Or is there more preventative maintenace i should know about? Thanks

Did the bump in the original cause problems? If not, ignore it and forget about it.

Well its unsightly and makes the already not so good fingerspins even worse which id consider important to me i guess

Only tighten the yoyo till it’s snug, then you should never have to worry about having your new one having the issue that stems from over tightening :wink: I would assume that you weren’t massively over tightening your original much ever, however just a little bit here and there probably led to the bump. Just go slow and be careful when taking it apart and putting it together. Personally I would go with what jhb said and ignore it but that’s just me :wink: