What are some great songs to yoyo to for a two minute long run?

Im looking for the same information, kind of a noob with finding music that is good! ;D

just pick a family friendly song that you like, usually the more popular the song is the better.

Or something by Gorgoroth or Immortal or 1349 . . . \m/

Feeling by flow rida

-There is quite a few ideas. Not two minutes but you can edit them

Just go and slam some kleenex boxes around while whistling and breaking all the windows of your house.

Throw in the sound of a scream, and bam.

Good music for a yoyo demo that everyone will enjoy.


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Add a Transformer giving birth and some high-pitched girl singing and it’ll be dubstep.

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Or add some sounds of a large rubber pipe being beaten against the ground and you get some house.


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I made my own custom song for my routine. If you are good with editing you can merge a couple of songs together. Then do that. I did Stop and Stare by OneRepublic, added a drum beat behind it, used the Sirun from Nelly - Shake Your Tailfeather, the Janet Jackson Edit, into Joy & Pain by Rob Base and ended with an explosion. (Totally missed my ending trick which was so disappointing haha) But this was my first time ever one stage doing a routine so I’m pretty proud of it.

Green lights by aloe blacc check it out bro. And any mgmt song also

|Y|O|R|E|D| @~~

n e thing bi skillrex that band is guud!!!11!

DUD, skril ecks has liek teh cooles sownd evr.
he is leik teh best band in teh histery of the werld rite?

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for 2 minutes stuff, I’ll look into renowned composer for short tracks such as Count Bass D for example. Or you can cut a longer music in order to make 2 minutes, I did it for my EYYC freestyle (5 minutes song into a 3 minutes)

lex by ratatat great yoyosong