songs that are poetic

Hey everyone I need help with some homework, I need a poetic song and the lyrics for a assignment. please don’t suggest unclean songs.


That might work, my teacher used blackbird singing in the dead of night as a example.

Here’s a few I think are notable for poetic lyrics:

“Clam Crab Cockle Cowrie” by Joanna Newsom
“Hallelujah” lyrics by Leonard Cohen
“Angeles” by Elliott Smith
“Roosevelt Room” by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
“Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key” lyrics by Woody Guthrie
“Ain’t Talkin” by Bob Dylan

2112 - Rush (The full version got taken down :frowning: )

This is a song about a man who lives in the year 2112.  Every part of his life is controlled by the Priests of the Temples of Syrinx.  He find a guitar and presents it to them, knowing it will set people free.  The Priests smash the guitar and tell him it’s a waste of time.  In a dream, he is show the world in which the “Elder Race” (The people who left before the priests took over).  The Elder Race are far more advanced and free.  Believing that death is the only way he can reach that land, he commits suicide.  The priests then liberate the planets held by the Solar Federation (Priests)

Xanadu - Rush

This is a song about a man who seeks Xanadu, and immortality.  It is based off of the poem “Kubla Khan”, so you may get extra credit.  Anyways, the man finds the pleasure dome, and Xanadu, and gets immortality, for he had dined on honeydew and drunk the milk of paradise.  He ends up wating for the world to end.

Pretty hard to beat any Leonard Cohen song (the suggestion of “Hallelujah” is a great example)… he’s a poet first and a songwriter second.

Incidentally, saw him in concert recently and it was just awesome. Leading into the show, I never would have guessed how entertaining it would be.

Pinball Wizard- The Who
Any song from the album “The Fall” by the Gorillaz
House on Fire- The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Any song from the album " Simple Math" by Manchester Orchestra

I had to do something like this in 9th grade. This song has the most literary devices; it’s pretty poetic:

Just look up the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean. Even the title of the song is a metaphor.

I couldn’t resist. In all seriousness though, I feel like this song has some of the best lyrics of any I’ve ever heard.

Hard to beat luv sic honestly.


Symphony x - the odyssey
Five finger death punch - far from home
Hinder - lips of an angel
Coheed & Cambria - deranged
Avenged sevenfold - dear god
Avenged sevenfold - seize the day

Der ya go.