Finish The Song

Rules: Someone picks a song and someone has to finish the next line.Whoever finishes the song gets to pick the next song. If you don’t know the next line,remember you’re on the internet…and yes,you can correct lyrics
I’ll start off…Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
I’m waking up to ash and dust

when it rains it pours, and i will rust.

The lyrics are “I wipe my brow and I sweat my rust”

“In a world of Cut and thrust i was always taught to trust.
In a world where all must fail, heavens justice will prevail!
All is for the best. Believe in what we’re told.
Blind man in the market- buying what we’re sold.
Believe in what we’re told- until our final breathe.
While our loving watchmaker loves us all to death!”

Okay,I love Rush as much as the next person,but really stop messing with me. Whatever beef you have with me,let it go,please.

maybe i’m not understanding the purpose of the thread. :stuck_out_tongue: do you want people to post the correct lyrics to the song, or are we just posting rhyming lyrics to create a hodgepodge song?

People post the lyrics to a song until the song is finished,and then you continue with more and more songs. So right now you have to finish Radioactive.People can correct other members if the lyrics are wrong.