Your Favorite Song Lyrics

Post your favorite song lyrics, be it if any kind. But obviously keep it forum rules clean.
Here’s mine, it’s from Motion City Soundtrack.

Song name: Everyone will die

Everyone will die
And everyone will lose,
So what ya gonna do
With the moments you have before it’s you?
It doesn’t mean goodbye.
It’s just a simple truth,
The shedding of a lifetime of layers
That once embodied you.
Like winter into spring
And summer into fall.
A cycle of intense introspection before the curtain call.

'Cause everyone must die
And everyone must lose,
So who you gonna love in the meantime before it catches you?

Everyone will die. (Everyone will die.)
Everyone will lose. (Everyone will lose.)
It doesn’t mean goodbye.(It doesn’t mean goodbye.)
It’s just a simple truth.

Every single smile
And every single tear,
Reminders of the moments we shared
In the instant we were here.
If everyone will die
And everyone will lose,
Then who you gonna love in the meantime before it catches you?

Iris by U2

Any Radiohead song after Pablo Honey.

Here’s a favorite (Scatterbrain):

I’m walking out in a force ten gale
Birds thrown around, bullets for hail
The roof is pulling off by its fingernails
Your voice is rattlin’ on my window sill
Yesterday’s headlines blown by the wind
Yesterday’s people end up scatterbrain
Any fool can easy pick a hole I only wish I could fall in (favorite line)
A moving target in a firing range
Somewhere I’m not
Somewhere I’m not
Lightning fuse, powercut

Nujubes - Feather :slight_smile:

Elizabeth part 2 by Kamelot

“don’t you wanna die…”


Low Cover:

Two sides of the same coin. Or, the same side of two coins.

Did a moderator remove the lyric? “Any fool can easy pick a hole, I only wish I could fall in.”

The lyric describes the desire to take the easy way out, the way the “fools” or “scatterbrains” do by picking and falling into holes, but the writer realizes he’s better than that and must prevail against the desire to fall.

EDIT: lol never mind, it’s the chat filter. I just meant hole, as in something you can dig. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my favorite. Joanna Newsom - Emily

“The lines are fading in my kingdom, though I have never known the way to border them in.”

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Simply the best song ever written.

From the fibbonacci srquence, the mystical lore, the spiritual messages, the deep soundscapes, the time signatures all tie into sacred geometry and is nothing short of a masterpiece.
A holy gift from one of the best bands to ever grace the planet.

There is just so much going on in the background and in subtle hints that those not initiated into the arcane and archaic will never know 98% of whats hiding in this. :smiley:

Children of a lesser God when your melanin’s got a tint

That whole song is great. Joanna Newsom is an incredible lyricist/songwriter.