Favorite Song/ Lyrics

(NotATyrant) #1

Everyone has favorite songs( even though it’s hard to choose from time to time) and everyone has their favorite lyrics,even though you might not think about it. So share what songs makes you happy and what lyrics you can never forget!
Fave Song : Rocks by Imagine Dragons( hidden track) and Heartbeat by Childish Gambino
Fave Lyrics: Sitting in an empty room Trying to forget the past /This was never meant to last I wish it wasn’t so
Waiting For The End- Linkin Park


I do not have favorite lyrics, but for song I have to say After Midnight by Travie McCoy.


Thank God there are other Linkin Park fans.

In the End, Linkin Park.

Dear Bobbie. Yellowcard.


I’m also a fan of Lincoln park too! I really like Numb/Encore!

(NotATyrant) #5

I have Collision Course. My dad gave it to me


I own that album too!


My favorite song for the last few months has been M83’s “Midnight City”

My favorite lyrics right now would be from Ozzy Osbourne’s song “See You On The Other Side”

(NotATyrant) #8


I love M83!!!