What is your current favorite song?

Mine is:

I love every part of this song, it’s just so catchy :smiley:

At the moment…Eminem Berzerk.

:-/ I miss when music was music.

what are you saying…

Eminem is amazing! Bezerk is, ehhh, but i still love it!

YoCyanightYo - if you sat thru all of that you really need a life.

I don’t listen to music. I repeatedly watch nerdcubed play desert bus. All the way through.

down the road by c2c

Its awesome jazz dubstep

Who the heck sits through a 10 hour song? I was just listening to it while yoyoing and I didn’t feel like going to a different page to get the song.

your right on that but I also like eminem survival

The tide - spill canvas


I apologize for the quality.  The hi-fi one got taken down.

If you like C2C you may like Berry Weight.

They give me some C2C vibes.


For favorite song I’d normally say “99 Red Balloons” by Goldfinger, but currently it’s “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” by We are Scientists.

I tend to like old songs so right now it’s Eminem Without Me.

If anyone wants to listen :slight_smile:

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Veletine the great divide seven lions remix

Chainsaw by family force 5. It’s a good locker room pump-up song

Haha, love all the eminem songs! Haha rminem fans unite!!!

Haha yeah! Funny because the only rappers I listen to are both white.

If your talking about eminem and mac miller, I hate mac miller. Who is he other rapper? Is it miller?