song 4 worlds

wat song should i use 4 worlds
family friendly
all around great



im using this

humm a bit short
but you could play it over and over again  ;D

You can’t beat Nintendo!

The change up from slow to pop is a crowd favorite.

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Eminem-I’m Shady
Might just be my all-time-favorite song. Awesome.

LOL.  Exactly what you asked for.

this perfect

You can go with these classics.

This one fits the bill, it’s driving, has great percussion and an awesome horn section, I think it would be a great backup for a fast paced routine. Check it out:

“Tank” - opening theme from Cowboy Bebop

I gave it some thought. Top 3 votes in no particular order.

Maximum The Hormone - Zetsubou Billy

Hadouken! - M.A.D.

Placebo - Meds

A little long, but nothing a quick edit couldn’t fix.

Or perhaps…

One of the songs from here.

Oh yeah! (Edit BTW) The Hives! Tick tick boom is good, But IDK if it’s overused In yoyos and pop culture(White collar?) Um I have fun playing yo to Giddy Up, Puppet on a String, Won’t be long(one of my favourites to play to)  And also look up Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother In my opinion.

EVERYBODY will remember your freestyle if you use this. :wink:

Do it! Especially if you have your Freestyle down enough and don’t make a single mistake. Honestly it’s not THAT bad of a song… >_>

awesome song

I think if you mess up a little then this song might convince the judges to not deduct any points.

The one, the only…

Duck Song