worlds song

i need a song wat r some songs people used at worlds last year

seventeen years ratatat

Is this for a freestyle you plan to do? Because if so, it’s a bad idea to use songs that’ve already been used by nats/worlds finalists. Unless you think you can put on a better freestyle, but even then…no.

Maybe he’s trying to avoid using someone else’s song. I hope. Just use something by Justin Bieber. lol

If you’re competing then we don’t want to you using songs made famous by those guys. If you just like the songs then we’ll happily tell you. Just tell us the reason.

PS: Keep it original because you are going to need I think 2 or 3 songs for worlds.


Justin Bieber was used at the Ohio State Contest.

lol really?

Broken link man.


lol I got Rick Rolled facepalm