somethings wrong with my ninja vanish...

hey guys, im trying to learn ninja vanish, and its sort of working. the problem is whenever i am successful (1/10 times usually), i land in a reverse green triangle.


ill get to that, have to charge my camera >.>

can you post a vid showing us how you do it?

You pinch the string, then create a loop on the side toward you. Then you land the yoyo in the loop from the side away from you.

is it too old to post this?

and when u pich the yo yo and lift it up and create the slack just move it to the yo yo and maybe u will catch it

What you’re doing is you’re catching the front half of the yo-yo with the loop you make. You need to land the back half (the one closer to you) of the yo-yo on the loop.

If that doesn’t make sense, I can try to get a video up upon request.

thankyou so much! the highspeed video let me know what i was doing wrong. i was swinging the loop outside, not in.