somethings suddenly wrong with my aquarius

(Ryan) #1

ok today while i was playing with my aquarius i felt i need to clean my bearing(i havent cleaned it for two months) so i took apart my aquarius and grab a pliers but when i was squeezing the pliers the bearing wouldnt come out cause its too small so i drop the 1 part of my aquarius(the side with the bearing)and the bearing suddenly pop out…
so i cleaned it and put some thin lube(a very very tiny drop)but the thing is that for some how my aquarius bearing turned a bit responsive and became very slow like when i tightened my aquarius to the max it would only spin for a couple of seconds and when i tried 1a with my aqua it came back up automatically when i do a sleeper…
but i noticed when i loosened the gap a bit it works fine for both 4a and 1a but its a bit wierd some how…
anybody know whats wrong with my bearing?
its wierd…


Yeah - Don’t worry. You need to break it in. My Aquarius bearing didnt spin well for a while after I cleaned it as well. Just keep playing, and you will be good to go.

(Connor) #3

Hes right, this happens to me quite often after I clean my bearings. Its fine, you have nothing to worry about. Just keep on playing, it will break in soon. :slight_smile:

(Ryan) #4

but how come when i played 1a with it it goes up automatically and how long does it take for you to break in the lube cause i played it for already 2 hours i guess.


Its gonna take a couple of days - Don’t worry.


These guys are correct. You just need to break it in and play with it.