Yyf Lube


My lube just came and when i put a drop in my bearing seemed to ave slowed down does it need time to break in?


yea just throw it around alil, i prefer just some macho throws to break it in,macho by meaning HARd throws.you can literally just sit there and watch tv and spin it yourself on the axel. if its still slow and sluggish feeling, make sure you clean it b4 you lube (if you didnt already). and make sure you apply as lil as possible. most lubes,even thin lubes havea break in time. terrapin,V4M lube are the best in my opinion. make sure you use a correct solvent as well to clean your bearings.


^ Really waiting for the day when you make a rude post so I can start singing:

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Grinch has pretty much said it all. Good job that man.


That’s what lube does, it slows down bearings. If you squeezed a big drop out of the bottle right into the bearing then it’s unlikely to break in for a very long time.


Ohh I see now it now plays well thank you…