sOMEThING Versus: Budget Metal

Any played it yet somehow lol
So far all I know is specs:
Available in red, blue, and clear

I do not understand this post. :wink:

Is there a yoyo by sOMEThING called the “Versus” and it’s a budget metal? And since it’s not a well-known yoyo you’re sharing its specs?

it’s driving me crazy, I can’t find any picture from side-on, how am I supposed to know if I want to buy it if I can’t figure out what shape it has?!

btw, it’s izm by yoyoaddict, not something

much benchmark so superstar

It’s already up there right after Plastic Whip at Billybobs-RotatingTackle


let me do the opposite of fast forwarding 1st

Hiroyuki Suzuki posts Instagram photos of it

6 replies and not a single picture was seen…

Retails for $49.99.

I’m sure it’ll be a great yoyo, but there’s nothing about it that stands out enough for me to buy one.

I ordered one along with a new firmy, idk, it looks much like the YYJK Stratos which I recall being very good

Looks simple and clean. I like it

From my understanding, it’s not part of Something line. Mickey made special stand-alone brand IZM by Yoyoaddict for this new yo-yo Versus.

Looks like a superstar to me.

appears to be an uninspired effort.

Reminds me of the Alchemy Nimbus.

It’s the narrower version of the YYO Kilter.

received mine today, very nice throw for the price, it plays light and fast and has a decent stability, I don’t need anything more

Just got the Versus in yesterday, it’s a really fun yo-yo and comes at a great price! They should be online very soon!