something that would be really hard

it would be very hard to do 4a or 3a with the flea [can anyone post me a vid]

Ha nice idea. You get right on that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try 3a with minis if I ever get a hold of 2. Sounds fun.

I’ve gotten accurate enough at 4a that I can hit it 25% of the time with an imperial. There’s no tricks I can do, but I can catch it a lot.

Yea that does sound hard. GL with that.

I could 4A with it pretty well. I can OS with a Sunset Trajectory as well as I can with a Hayabusa.

Video please? That would be TOO cool to see. ;D

;D i can os with an imperial but only catch can’t really bind with ill post a vid sometime next week of 3A with 2 Mighty fleas its pretty hard