Something that makes sense, but would I bother?


"When putting your yo-yos away you can prolong the life of your string by storing it unwound. As a simple test, you can take a new string, wind it tightly into the yo-yo and then let the yo-yo rest for a few days. The string will not be so elastic anymore and it will also not lie straight. "

From yo-yo wiki


Considering I use nylon strings that I made a decade ago that are still holding up, I dont need to bother with this stuff haha


Dang! Nice!


Right? I should start selling them again.


I don’t think that makes a lot of difference. At one time some people also believed leaving the string wrapped promoted rust on the bearings. I leave mine on all the time and don’t see any problems either way.


A few thoughts on this (#3 is important to me):

  1. This is probably true about the string elasticity, though I’m not sure to what extent. (I don’t bother)

  2. On the other hand, I would think that a wound yo-yo would protect the bearing from humidity; just a hypothesis, and clearly according to JHB some people think the opposite! (again, I don’t bother)

  3. I’ve noticed that YYJ response pads are somewhat dented after being stored for a long time in a wound yo-yo. I often store my offstring yo-yos unwound so that the response pads are fully expanded. (I DO bother for offstring!)


The contention was that the string attracted and held moisture and other miscellaneous gunk from being handled.

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Nope wouldn’t/don’t bother. Imagine how many times that string would get tangled in something and your yo would go bouncing across the room. My wife would go crazy if every yoyo in sight had a string dangling from it. Most importantly a wound yoyo is so much more enticing than an unwound mess.

Can’t believe I even bothered to respond. I can’t believe threads like this string me along.


Clearly not a settled science! :wink: Thanks.


I take the string off my yoyo’s every time I’m done playing them and put them back in their individual string cases then store them with my yoyo’s in my walk in humidor as I prefer them to rest in 65% humidity.


Just goes to show, different strokes for different folks. I prefer my walk in humidor set to an arid 47% humidity :wink:


But how do your yoyo’s feel about that? :o ;D


My wive got very upset with me when when I converted her walk in closet into a second walk in humidor. I explained to her that I need 2, as I don’t want my yoyo strings to smell like cigars.


^ My wife won’t allow that so I am forced to play with my stogie strings :smiley:


They hate it, you should hear the yoyos screaming when I walk into that humidor. Or, maybe they are screaming about the stogie smell since my wife also won’t give up her closet so I can have separate walk in humidors.

However, the little packets of silica drying agent are happy as (dessicated) clams in there.


I quit smoking a year or so ago amd have a lot of nice cigars… hit me up if you or anyone you know wants them haha.



I once caught my Draupnir smoking one of my prized Macanudos. Hilarity DID NOT ensue.


I recently started using a few yoyos left wound up for 6-8 years in various ambient temps and humidities and none have rust.