Something String

Has anyone tried something String ?
Is it better than kitty string?

From Nexus 6P

It’s a lot thinner and lasts a bit longer and is not as soft I still prefer kitty

I don’t think it’s very good for slacks, but overall I like it.

I wouldn’t say it’s ‘a lot’ thinner. sOMEThING string is about the same thickness as normal kitty, maybe slightly thinner when comparing them. Feels about the same thickness in play to me.

It is a little rougher, but the weight feels similar and I haven’t noticed any negative side as far as slacks/whips go. Seems to last a little longer than Kitty as well.

I always recommend trying out new strings, but since this one is only available in 100 counts it’s kind of hard to buy without knowing if you’ll like it. I don’t have any currently or I would send you a couple. Maybe someone on the forums can hook you up with a sample.