Kitty string?

so i found a brand of string on YYN called kitty string and im thinking of trying it out. how does is it compared to hilights? how are slacks/suicides? do you think it is worth the price?

ive never tried it but i know its type 10 which means its thicker and also the colors are much like highlight but its up to you to see if you want to try a new string


Sorry if that sounded harsh at all, but it is some of the thinnest string I’ve ever tried.

It is great, and I love its feel, worth trying, but it is very thin, so you might not like it. Still try it though, you might fall in love like I did.

Yeah, type 10 is thinner than type 9 and 6 I think.

ohh i thaught it was thick sorry

what about chaos string have you tried that i saw it and i was wondering about it

CHAOS 122’s FTW!!!

Trust me. Why else would onedrop put them on their new yo’s?

perfect then im gettin a 50 count ty man

I’ve tried it, Then it’s so good in Slacks/Suicides & etc.
But the main thing, People say to Hiro Koba (The Maker of Kitty String) that make your strings more thicker, but its kinda thick already, Perfect for YYJ plastics like Lyn Fury, KickSide, Speedmaker etc.

In YYN is expensive, Here is only 7$-100 strings.
It is soft, I have try it both in my aquarius and a bootleg Yo-yo.

Its good! 4.8/5.0

Buy them!

Its thicker. 10 is 10 strands of thread, 6 is 6 strands etc.

This reminds me of when Matt offered Evan 1000 kitty strings or something for a yoyo in the bst ;D

Does onedrop put them in their project 2?

well he said new and thats their newest one so im going to assume yea