sOMEThING brand string?

anyone tried it? how does it compare to fat kitty?

I love the sOMEThING type-2. It is in a similar category to fat kitty. It has a somewhat coarser feel to it which is a bit rougher on your fingers. It makes me feel (I don’t think I’ve ever TRULY done a back-to-back comparison, though) that suicide and slack loops tend to open up more as long as you’re not under heavy string tension.

It’s not a “miracle” string or anything, though. Tension management is pretty much the same as Kitty. Durability is a bit more. Colour is way brighter than Kitty.

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GregP said it all, its just a rougher Fat Kitty that lasts longer.

I prefer Fat Kitty to it cause it’s softer but for durability, sOMETHING Type 2 seems to last forever.

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