sOMEThING String?

How is sOMEThING String?
I know its Hiroyuki Suzuki’s sig string, but not much else.

Bought some a year ago. Not sure if it’s the same as it was, but it’s probably one of the worst strings i’ve ever played. Super rough and course, makes a lot of dust and lint, has a knot tied too short to easily re-tie but too long to actually be of any use. It’s bright though… But yeah not sure what the hype is lately because it’s complete garbage compared to my go-to Kitty XL.

The short reply to that, Nathan, is that it MUST have changed, so those comments mean nothing anymore. The sOMEThING type-2 that I use as my go-to string doesn’t match that description at all.

Hm must be. That’s good to know. And not a surprise. This was truly terrible. Bought it in December 2012 so makes sense that they’ve reformulated since then.

I got some sOMETHING nylon strings from John Narum a while back. They weren’t completely awful, but I’m reserving them for learning 4a play because they seem like they’d be a lot better for that. I think they are the old kind.

Type 2 have a nice feeling but whip pretty bad compared to most other strings

Type 1 on the other hand, even if I hated them because they were rough and mysteriously made my yoyos very snaggy, have become my current favourite.

I literally don’t understand what a “bad” whip is. I don’t at ALL mean that in a snarky way. I just see this term sometimes and I always think “what makes a ‘bad’ whip?”

Speed of whip? If you want fast, there are faster for sure… like Dragons. But I dislike fast whips, so to me a hypersonic whip is a “bad” whip.

It does whips a little bit faster than standard Kitty, and not nearly as fast as Dragons.

Not sure what other criteria makes the whip “bad”.

a goog whip is an open egg-ish shaped loop,achived by heavy string and high wall

a good loop is more the result of a good move than a good string