Someone sponsor this guy!

This is Adam Spencer, a good friend of mine and an amazing yoyoer. He placed first at the Idaho state yoyo championships and 17th at PNWR 2012.

He is great! A little speed on those tricks and he will definitely win some more contest.

If he enters Worlds or Nationals and someone sees him, hopefully he will get sponsored!

Looks good. Some more intense practice and maybe he will get there.

And speed.

Not necessarily, slow and steady can look amazing when combined with complicated tricks and fancy whips, which he has

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Great Video …

I would think you want to a range of speed in a routine… slow and steady to fast and furious and inbetween those extremes.

You only watched a short snippit of him playing in his room you don’t really know if he doesn’t have speed.

Speed isn’t everything even Hiroyuki Suzuki knows when to slow it down.

I hope he gets sponsored wihtout going any faster

He’s got the skills.

I agree

Deadly SpINS is taking open sponsorship auditions until next Thursday! :wink:

I seriously watched this video 30 times before I bought my Cliff last month