Just for kicks (A DINGO video) ft. Mongu Hoodie

Never posted here before, so woop! Check out my other vids!

Just for kicks, not going for originality or quality, just gotta have some fun every once in a while  :wink:

5a + Dingo = nuff said.


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Welcome to YoYoExpert!

Thanks :wink:

Do you compete? You should if you don’t.

He does. He’s sponsored too. :slight_smile:

Who’s he sponsered by?

Very amazing.

One-Drop. ;D

Haha Thanks Samad ;D

Dude, that was freakin awesome.

Nice vid bro. “Dingo ate my yoyo!”

Sick man! Your style is so smooth. Kinda smarmy too. =P But for real, I can dig man. Hilarious intro too. XD


Happy Throwing! =]

amazing! good stuff

Very nice, that style of speed look awsome.

Very nice Mason! Good to see you still finding yourself on the boards.

that was amazing

Holy freaking cow!!! You’r one of he best 5a players I’ve ever seen!

That was freaking amazing, nice work on the routine.

dudue that was FREKING AWESOME!!! i hope i am as good as u someday :stuck_out_tongue: keep up the great work

ZOMG! so smooth! nice job dude~