Someone has my nose.


I have no idea where my nose is. Someone stole it from me. All I have now is my dog’s nose, which I took. So just so you know, if you see a nose that’s lying around, it could be mine. Or if you see someone with more than one nose, or a new or odd nose, be suspicious. Especially if that person is showing it off at parties.


We’ll be on the look out.
Thanks for the heads up.

(Q) #3

I will not stand for this!

I’ll make sure we find it by dawn, otherwise. Chaos.


I’m glad people will be helping me be reunited with my nose.

Now I nose how it is, having your nose being taken away from you. I’d get a box of tissues, but I have no nose, and no more need for tissues.


I saw it! ill ship it immediately.


Finally I can have my nose back. :slight_smile:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #7

now your face is complete :smiley:


Uh oh, I was planning to ship it today, but someone took my nose AND your nose too! Looks like we have a nose thief


HA-HA. You guys are so funny…

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #10

i saw a guy with three noses! ill chase him on my bike!


Get him! Why are you just sitting there watching him get away?

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #12

hes a kenyan ;D

(Q) #13

But still pretty ugly.


You have bigger problems to worry about. Based on your username, you have a yoyo for a foot.


How is it like with no nose


sounds pretty good to me, now you dont have to carry a yoyo around


I know! Kind of painful to use it, though.


THIS is ubsurd someone call the nose police, before its to late. >:(


Sigh, you know how the nose police is. They never do their job and once I saw two of them playing monkey in the middle with the guy’s nose.


I know. It’s terrible.