Mysterious dings?

So while I was at a party there were people at my house. Friends and family. And I come home to find my puffin which I have offered to several people in trades or FS dinged and vibey… Something like this ever happen to you? The thing is that no one will own up so idk what to do. I’m almost positive who the culprit is but idk how to approach them about it cuz in my opinion they should have to replace or repay for the damage…

You offered it to people knowing that there was a possibility of it getting damaged. This is on you, not your friends.

I wasn’t home. And it was in my room. Next to its sibling yoyos.

Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately for you, most people your age can’t treat their own property with the respect it deserves and certainly don’t treat others’ property with the respect it deserves. As you get older two things are likely to happen. One is that the people you are frequently around (both voluntarily and involuntarily) will likely come to have an appreciation for the value of money and treat things better. The other is that as someone who already treats things with respect, you will likely have more like minded respectful friends in general.

As for the actual situation at hand, not much you can do about the dings. Hopefully you can tune the vibe out/replace the axle or something to solve the problem.

When he said offered I thinks he means trade on YYE!

Maybe you should read your original post then.

Fixed it

Yeah this has happened to me. I asked my dad to hold it while we were at a party, 5 minutes later, he hands me a KLR with so many dings that it hurts to palm grind, I still love it but I am never trusting a non thrower with my yoyos.

time to break legs OP

I’m tempted to snap his $250 Bauer total one NXG hockey stick. Then we’d be even lol. Nah that’s to mean. I wouldn’t do

I swear my mom has like razors in the insides of her pockets or something… I give her my shutter and onestar to hold for a sec and they both come back scratched… hmmmm

I’d be approaching the guy/girl who did it and once I find out for sure who it was I would definitely get reimbursed one way or another. On a side note, I wanted to say that my Chief that I just sold somehow got a mysterious ding on it. I think it happened while in my drawer. There is nobody around but me to play it and I’ve never hit it on anything, but one day I notice there is a shallow flat spot that just magically appeared.