not letting my brother use my yoyos again...


I had always wanted a g5 ever since I started yoyoing 3.5 years ago. But it wasn’t until 3 weeks ago when I finally got one and it was exactly what.

This morning my younger brother walked into my room and picked up my g5. I told him to put it down because he might ding it and he did just that. It used to be super smooth but it now has a lot of vibe. Now no non yoyoer can use my yoyos because this was quite frustrating.

Has anything like this ever happened to you??


Well if it really bothers you, I will gladly take the G5 off your hands :wink:

I let a kid borrow my dark magic two. It wasn’t perfect before but it wasn’t better when it came back. I think he tried walking the dog on some hard surfaces or something… Not too sure though…


Exact same as WHOTH3MAN except he broke the axle and lost a cap, too. He ALSO lost the bearing.


I fixed everything but the dings.


The dings are not that bad, but this annoyed me because my brother did not listen to me whcih resulted in him dinging my yoyo.


I don’t know how old you are, but if you’re minors, and if I was your dad, your brother would be getting a consequence. Most likely involving compensating you for the damage.


Yes it was my younger brother and we are minors. He had no consequences.


I’m really sorry to hear that. I know that kind of thing can be super frustrating. I would say a ding is not such a big deal on a yoyo that you’re planning to play with, but the vibe is a different story.

You might check the axle to make sure it’s still “true”. The G5 is a solid yoyo, and should be able to take quite a hit.

My advice is to be the better person. Don’t seek revenge. Reflect on how it made you feel, and treat others and their property with the respect you felt you deserved. Also, I know it’s difficult to be constantly vigilant, but keep your yoyos away from your little brother!

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Wow, how people can be this reckless with something not theirs is beyond me… but then again many of my stuff looks like new for a long time.

“Revenge leads to hatred. Hatred leads to suffering. The dark side you are going to.
Fall to the dark side, you must not.
Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.
Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”


He pretty much just kept the parts he thought looked cool.


Actually your subject title is incorrect. You didn’t let your brother use your yoyo in the first place. So saying you won’t let him use your yoyos ‘again’ is misleading.

…As far as anything like this happening to me? I would say no; because your brother has never messed up one of my yoyos🤔


I let a student of mine borrow a yoyo for the day and when he brought it back, he gave me one half of the yoyo and the string. No bearing. No axle. And of course, the other half of the yoyo was missing. He explained that when he threw it down it just came apart and went everywhere. I’ve noticed when a yoyo has been slowly unscrewing on me when throwing it too, but never enough to completely come apart. He tried to find the guts and other half of the yoyo but he couldn’t. They all rolled off in different directions. It happens.

Luckily, one of the grounds guys found the yoyo half in the bushes the next day and I bought replacement guts for it. :wink:


What yoyo was it?


Why would you let a student borrow your yoyo for a day?


A couple of years ago my brother who is over 12 years older than me (I’m 34 now) grabbed a yoyo out of my case. He was used to responsive yoyos like the Duncan imperial with short strings. He throws the Madhouse Epic as hard as he can, and of course I had a really long string on it, so immediately it bashes into the ground, gets a big ding in it and now has vibe because of the metal caps getting bent.

He felt really bad, I didn’t give him too much grief. It was such an awesome throw when it had no vibe.


I know how that feels


A Duncan Metal Zero.

Because it was a Duncan Metal Zero. :wink: No, I’m a middle school teacher (Comp Sci) and I also have a yoyo club. I have like 50 ranging from simple plastic responsives to metal unrespsonives. I let the kids check yoyos out and return them later in the day. That way they can play with it during breaks and passing periods. If they forget to return it, then they lose the privilege to check out a yoyo for 7 days. Once that happens, they remember to return them. Since this particular student only return half of the yoyo, he lost the privilege to check out a yoyo for 3 days. ;D


Lol! Teaching them fractions


Nothing similair has happened,but speaking of g5’s.

I did trade a yoyo for a g5 at the weimar yoyo meet(Germany)many years ago.

A few hours later I traded it for what I think was a yyf primo,Never should’ve done that…

Old YYF g5’s has a certain “feel” to them,newer ones and especially knockoffs don’t have that.


Old g5’s durability compared to the new ones aren’t close at all. The old style g5’s were the best.