Some things just click


Well tonight i just landed my first horizontal trick, and if someone would have asked me to do a horizon trick two days ago it would have been the MOST unsmoothest thing you have ever seen but know it pretty good but not gentry good but still ok. So some stuff just clicks like boing e boing,suicides,and chopsticks. So keep praciting you’ll get it! :wink:


I really wanna try horizontal tricks, but i’m to scared.

Don’t want to have a yoyo smack me upside the head!

What’s the best way to start?


Wear a hockey helmet with a full face shield?


do a banana turnover trick, but try it on the normal plane first, then move on to vertex play… and dont go straight from vertical to horizontal… gradually move through varying degrees of diagonals


When I first tried it, I didn’t want to get hit in the head either, so I shortened my string a little bit (just tied another slip knot about an inch and a half down). That helped me get started.


Nice man! I just landed my first Ninja Vanish tonight. I learned it yesterday at a meet, and was practicing a lot, and just couldn’t land it, and tonight I’ve landed it several times. The movement is starting to click, but now I’m just trying to be able to nail it almost every single time.

(WildCat23) #7

I’m still working on horizontals. Maybe I’ll wake up on new years day and suddenly be able to do them. :smiley: