Some super advanced meta tricks? Post them here!

I really enjoy yoyoing, and competing, but I don’t know very many high scoring elements. If you have any arm, neck, or meta tech elements, or some horizontal tips, please share.


Horizontal tips, I can help!

First off, throw hard. I know this sounds weird (and maybe even redundant), but what I see a lot is people who throw soft because they are scared or something like that.

Second: Do the freaking banana turnover. When I was learning horizontal for the first time, I thought it would look more “pro” if I just threw as hard as possible and land directly into the string. Yeah, don’t flipping do that.

Third: You may consider wanting to throw with a nicer responsive yoyo. When I say nicer, I mean something like the Sage or something like that where there are pads and not starburst response. I tried using a Duncan Butterfly XT and while it did help with some aspects later, it caused a lot of heartaches when I could not land tricks.

Fourth: Once you got a feel for throwing and turning over, you are ready for unresponsive. I would use a wider yoyo. For you, that’s not a problem because your favorite is the Edge Beyond.

Now, when you are learning these tricks you want to do them vertically first. I mean like master them vertically

Finally, you will panic the first few times. Dude, I still panic every time I throw the dang thing, just remain in control otherwise it all goes wrong. To stay in control, you cannot stop. This doesn’t mean be speed combo fast, you can move slowly, you just can’t stop yoyo or it will fall off.

I don’t have any tricks for meta (unless you want 5a), but I have included a link you might find helpful.

I hope this all helps!



Thanks man! That’s really going to help.

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This was a fantastic reply sir. thank you


Quick note here, I don’t actually think the edge beyond is a great yoyo to learn horizontal on. The effective catch zone is actually quite small because the rims are super broad.

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You know I did not think about that, good catch.

i acctaly dont have the edge beyond anymore. i broke it one day. i am now using the edge.

Yes please😁


You got it, give me like a week. I have a trick I have been working on that I would love to share and it’s almost ready!

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The trick you have been waiting for…

This is a simple, but good looking aerial combo. It’s inspired by Yoshihiro Abe. I call it Aerial Inbound.



I dig it! That’s great stuff, I’ll be working on that tomorrow in the daylight.:+1:

Thanks @William4842!

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Your so welcome, I can’t wait to see it!!

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