Some Random Stranger Came Up to Me YoYoing LMAO

This was really at our small little yoyo meet in New York. LOL

LOl, Nice man. Nice

Haha that’s awesome. I was impressed enough by the random person binding, let alone to rest. Lucky man you are.

Dude… I NEED that hairdoo. lol.

I need big hair. But as some random guy’s siggie said,

“Finding another thrower is as likely as finding one of Saddam’s nukes”

Expecialy where i live you probobly couldn’t find another thrower within 3 states of me.Lol

thats pretty cool to find another thrower like that,

I live in KY but nobody in this states yoyos except me. Nice vid man.

I know there are several people hailing from Ohio on this forum. I also know there are quite a few in Oklahoma.

guys, we had a meet. he was just joking around lol…

i wish that some guy came u to me and started yoyoing!!!

when i first read that i thought you said samad

I suppose it could be interchangable, lol. :slight_smile: