Some random Offstring questions

  1. Is there any benefit to using a KK or center track bearing for 4A?
  2. What is the small black yoyo Andre has in the “diff types of Offstring yoyos” video
  3. Regarding the Duncan SkyHawk. What are the benifits of being able to use a size A bearing?
    I understand with throws like the flip side you can flip the spacers for responsive and unresponsive play but what are the benifits of using a size A bearing in an Offstring yoyo? Tighter binds maybe?

No. Not a good recommendation for 4a. Easier binds.

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  1. KKs would make it harder to bind >.<
  2. You mean Ben Conde? I think its a YYJ Big Ben
  3. More responsive/easier/tighter binds
  1. KK bearings don’t really have any advantages. The gap is too small for it to even have a disadvantage either.

  2. Easier binds I guess. If it makes the gap smaller than it would have easier binds. I can’t think of any other benefits.

  3. - The Yoyojam K-OS, which is Eric Koloski siggy.

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