Some questions about yoyo 888

Hello I am new here. And my English is not good.
I have heard that yoyo 888 has different editions.
What is the difference between these two yoyos?
Are they all the Yuuki Spencer signature editions?
And what is the meaning of ‘2X’?
Thanks for your help!

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2X means “two times”. He was world champion 2 times.


Yes, those are Yuuki Spencer’s edition 888. However, both are completely different. One is 2007 model and the other is 2009 model (with 2x world champion engraving). The 2009 model has a high wall as the other 2009 888s.

But both models are quite desirable. Yuukiquake is one of those 888 with killer engraving imo.


great answers ! thanks very much!