I'm trying to complete an 888 collection what yoyos would you consider 888's

I’m trying to complete an,888 collection what yoyos would you consider 888’s, I know the, 888 of course, the dv 888, I count the DNA, cause its an over sized, 888 and the DNA on the yoyo makes,888 what else would be considered an 888

888X, 08 888, 09 888, 555, Mutant DNA, ochoochoohco, 8eight8, eighteighteight, eight8eight, etc.


What’s a 555

Is that like a g5

it’s a special edition G5.

and also, 3 bumps in a minute is not really polite on the forum. people will see your post and if they can contribute, they will.

Oh I didn’t know I was just trying to figure it out

boss and yuuksta are based from an 888

I think you’re in over your head, man. There’s an insane number of different 888s out there.

• Standard '07 888
• Standard '08 888
• Midnight '08 888
• Stealth 888
• Standard '09 888
• Celtic 888
• Augie Fash ed 888
• Yuki ed 888
• Jason Lee 888
• Ocho8Ocho
• Hardcoat 888
• Dragon 888
• Raven 888
• Aqua 888
• Cherry 888
• Mud 888
• All YoYo 888
• Steven Brown 888
• AYYA 888
• Shadow 888
• Silver pre-pro 888
• Spingear 888
• Higby 888 (Mr. Yodel ed)
• US Nats 888
• 888x
• 888.11
• Contest Team 888

That’s all I can think of.


888 Classic

Wow yeah that’s a lot of yoyo I just mean each different 888 like one original 888 a dv888 DNA not all the 888s just all different builds

The only similarity a dv888 has to the 888 is the name. It’s actually based off the buzz-on dv8, which never got to see a full production run due to yyj’s patent on bi metals.
You really only need an 888 and the DNA if you’re not looking to collect all the different 888s.

Well I wan an 888 and that will cover those I need a dv888 I have a first edition DNA team colors so I don’t need that I have a g5 and that’s all I can think of that’s really the 888 collection

I’m giving up on this selling my g5 and 888 I just am gonna keep yoyos I like

why would you want to start a collection of yoyos you don’t like?


I LOL’d.

what do you mean I love the 888 DNA dv888 I love all yoyo factory stuff I don’t understand why you think I don’t like them . In fact I have 2 888 one I just bought why would I buy a new one if I didn’t like them???

But what I meant by just gonna keep yoyos I like I’m gonna pic my top 3-5 favs and just sell the others not i didn’t like the 888 lol I see your pun now though

I’m confused.

If you are selling the g5 how much?