some questions about the supernova...


I have a couple of questions about the yoyofactory supernova.

  1. How long does it sleep on an AVERAGE throw?
  2. is it a good yoyo for grinding? Is it a good yoyo to start grinding?
    3.If I don’t change the bearing or put any lube on it, will it still play really good?(just out of the box)
    4.What type of lube should I put if it makes it play way better?
    Thanks so much bros

  1. I usually get sleep times of about 3-4 min on average but i have gotten up to 8 min.

  2. No. It it terrible at grinds. I can get maybe one second of a finger grind if im lucky. It plays fine with the bearing it comes with, but i recommend getting a 10-ball for it. It makes it much smoother.

  3. Any lube will do. Personally, i use YYJ thin lube. V4M lube will also probably be good. I do recommend lubing it though. It makes it smoother and last longer.

  1. It sleeps plenty long enough to get through any trick. Quite long.

  2. It is horrible at grinds. Thumb grinds are ok, but finger/arm grinds are really bad.

  3. I think the stock bearing is fine, but I prefer a 10-ball or Centertrak to it. The stock bearing spins well and long, it’s just loud.

  4. I don’t like lube, it slows the yoyo down. Now some people like the bearing quieter and smoother, but I personally don’t care.

  1. varies person to person I can get it to sleep for 3 min and 1 min on a combo
  2. 2012 supernova not good a grinding really, supernova lite on the other hand with it’s tumble finish is great for grinds
  3. plays great stock will need cleaning eventually like all yoyos
    4.terra pin dry,plain dry after cleaing ,or dry lube


1- sleep time doesn’t matter, just get through your trick/combo.
2- How can it be good for grinding? It’s anodized aluminum, so it will grind like a yoyo that isn’t polished, you could easily get a couple seconds with the supernova, or any other non-polished yoyo.
3-Bearing is fine out of the box
4- No lube, if you clean it, leave it dry