Some questions about the Sport Ladder

Alrighty, I need some questions answered, hopefully from people who have judged a ladder comp before!

  1. what if you mess up a trick part. If you were to miss the second pop in Spirit bomb, you landed it on one of the triangle edges. Can you correct your self by popping it up and onto the correct string?

  2. If you mess up a trick so bad you get a knot, can you take the string off your finger, take out the knot, and (assuming the yoyo is still spinning) restart the trick. So if you miss a portion of spirit bomb, you get a potential knot, but the yoyo is still spinning, can you continue the trick?

  3. If you completely miss a trick, can you not return the yoyo to your hand and restart the trick?

  4. If you complete a trick can you dismount any way you want? Can you do a Matrix dismout after your double or nothing?

  5. What happens if you land on more than one string as in Kwijibo? If you land on both strings in the first pop of Kwijibo, can you continue and complete the trick?

  6. Can you mount into the trick any way you want? So if I can get into Gyro Flop different than the traditional way, will it still count?

Sorry for all the questions, just want to clear some stuff up!

Thanks Guys!


  1. no. it’s a missed trick.
  2. no. it’s also a missed trick.
  3. no. missed trick also.
  4. some tricks have more specific descriptions than others. i don’t usually fuss about things like that so long as it follows under the heading of ‘returning the yo-yo to the hand in the manner of your choice’, though a missed bind counts as a missed trick for me, and i disclaim as much in the beginning.
  5. the trick was missed.
  6. flop may be the exception. andre allows any kind of flop, and i pretty much do as well (the video shows the simplest 180 flop). pretty much every other trick though is explicitly stated.

remember that the whole point of sport ladder is demonstrating your ability to do the trick as demonstrated/described. freestyle is about creative expression, ladder is about consistency. if you can’t do the trick ‘the right way’ (the way agreed upon by the contest/ayya/nyyl) then you don’t get the points.

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Ok, Thanks Ed!