How do sport ladders work at a contest?

I want to know how they work to see if I want to enter a sport ladder division a the California state contest or if I should just go and not compete. Also I’d like fast responders cause the contest is on march 1

How much can you do as far as tricks go?

25 “String Trick” tricks. The National Yo-yo Contest site has the tricks.
start with 1 and move forward with each trick completion.
You are allowed 2 misses with the second miss ending the ladder.
There is 25 “Looping trick” tricks also
same as string trick you are allowed 2 misses with the second miss ending the ladder.
Sports ladder is broke into age groups.
so start practicing the listed trick because that the required tricks to do in sports ladder. Last I remember the trick list was listed on the U.S. National Yo-yo contest site.
Hope this helps.

I can do everything in the yye tutorials exept for ladder escape and the last 2 tricks I worked on were grandma kimmit sandwich and candy slack

those tricks are not on the sports ladder list.
go to and click on sports ladder,
those are the sports ladder tricks at contest.

Like he says, use that list. Also be careful of tricks that have the same name and are similar between YYE and the official trick list. The trick list describes the trick, and there used to be vids available. You must do the trick as it is described on the list. The YYE description may differ and will be counted as a miss if you do it that way.

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