Sports Ladder Competitors @ WYYC 2013?


Is anybody here going to Worlds this year to do Sports Ladder? I am going to do both the string trick and looping trick ladders. I AM PUMPED!!! It will be my first yoyo contest! I hope I do good…


I guess I should have made this thread closer to the contest…like right around now.



I just visited the WWYC site. Do you know where the link is for the trick ladder tricks?


So sorry for not seeing this before…I haven’t checked it in awhile…Kind of lost hope in the thread…

Anyway, the Worlds site has the trick lists up now. Just move your mouse over “Rules, Seeds, and Guests”, then “Ladders”, then click on the ladder you want to view. You know, you might have already seen it by now…oh well.


Thanks for the post I couldn’t find it online last time I checked the site. Good luck with the Sports Ladder!