Some Questions About the Forum

  1. How do I put a pic/ print screen on a post?

  2. How do I put a pic as my Signature?

You will see a little Inset Image thing on the typing/posting place. Get your image onto an online image thingy, then copy and paste. Same with your signature. Kim-Lan made a really good guide for this. Kim-Lan might cough post something. Maybe a link.

The easiest way is to use a photovucket or image shack account and upload them there and then get the URL of the photo. Then post it on there and it should come up as an image. Don’t forget yo get the “[img]” on both sides of the URL. Sorry about the brief post but I’m on my ipod. Il post a more detailed one tomorrow when im at my computer. ;D

Here’s what Batryn was talking about:

You can just go down to the Images section.

I tried finding that thread but I was too Lazy to search through 2 months of stuff

Well, there is something called the search button.

Ok, I tried what it says.

doesn’t work.

BTW, nice signature. where did you get it?

I made it. You see that the other forum eXperts are using it too. :wink:

lol. It’s very nice.

She also made the avatar to YoYoExpert Tutorials!!!

Props to Kim-Lan!