how to upload a picture signature

just wondering, a lot of people have them

Find an image you like, and get the link, example:

Put it in between image brackets. If you click on the icon when you post a reply, you can see it.

So it will come out like this:[/img

(I took out the last letter thing in the img part so you could see what it looked like.)

Then it will look like this altogether:


I think Kim-Lan explains it in her guide.

Yes, yes, I do.

ok thanks for the replys but i am computer challenged I cant figure out what Image brackets are, you can see my signature is just a link.

Nice trick samad, that is plan D isn’t it, that is one of my favorite tricks

Image brackets were shown in my guide:

Put the link between them like that.

thanks, I got it, what do you guys think of my signature,

Nice! I had a MarkMont. It just wasn’t my yo-yo. it would dent really easy. I would think of it as a collectors item, like the Jamboo.