How do I post my signature?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but how do I add my signature to my profile? What are the requirements for it to work?

Click the Profile button that is between Search and My Messages. Then click on the Forum Profile Information button that is in the box on the right. Scroll down a bit till you see Signature. There will be a box there where you can type anything that you want in. You can also use the code on the forum to embed pictures or links. After that scroll down and click on Change Profile.

What’s the code?

how do u put pics in?

Pictures require this:

the url of the image goes here

Links look like this:

[url=the url goes here]your text for the link here[/img]

You need to upload the file to the internet. You need some sort of picture hosting site, like flickr.

You cant link to a picture on your computer.

If you look where the signature should be you should see a ? what type of file should the picture be?

The picture can be any image file, though I have had problems with .BMP some places. I would recommend using JPEG (.jpg .JPG .JPEG) or PNG. As Skip has said however the picture must be on the internet not just on your computer. Therefore, you need to host the image at a site such as flikr, imageshack, or photobucket.

I tried using flikr and it still didn’t work.

You have to copy the image location not the url of the page the picture is on. On flikr go to the page of the picture you want. Click on All Sizes. Right click on the picture and click on Copy Image Location. Then post that within the tags like I’ve said earlier.

Thanks I finally got it, so what do you think?

It looks good.