Some of the yoyoing community makes me sad.

So… I was skimming through Youtube and found a vid titled “Yoyo God”.

I thought, “Yeah, new vid to check out”. Turns out, I was wrong.

For those of you that watch it, this is the most immature thing I’ve ever seen.

On top of that, I saw some vids w/ some nasty comments.

I dunno. It just seems like they would be ALOT nicer and more mature. I don’t think they deserve a yoyo. Who are they to talk down on people? It blows my mind T.T

I know that’s not the majority of the community, but, I mean, really?

Metal drifter :open_mouth:

What was he doing exactly e.e

I think it was more an 8-year-old-stupid-joke-that-is-supposed-to-be-funny kind of thing. I wouldnt study it to hard. not much to see.

public bathroom for the loss

Still immature, though.

And, agreed. Gotta love the bathroom and dirty mouths from 8 year-olds :stuck_out_tongue:

8 year olds are so dumb

if i had a good camera i would send him a video :smiley:

i sent him a vid

im tempted to do a 3 min freestyle in my kitchen :smiley:

do it in the bathroom

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mine is too small…

i cant stand little kids who think they are so much better than like me but im like 50x so much better contest worthy… and all they do is brag until i show them up…

hahahahahahahahhahahahahaha if I didnt like you Id put that in my sig hahah


That’s right. He went there.

And, yeah. I mean, really, rock the baby? Double or nothing beats that w/ ease :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets be immature back and post a vid doing a ladder escape behind our back with one hand while wearing two eye patches on the same eye while humming danny boy in c minor. (Sarcasm)

One of the reasons really don’t like children

but I think this site is clean from annoying peoples so thats good

Do matrix. I’m sure w/ their response to Rock the Baby, it would melt their minds.

i think that if theres a kid who isnt even a true yoyoer i doubt they would waste there time on this or any yoyo site…

rock the baby?? double or nothing?? that sucks. how about jamaican flag. BEST TRICK EVA!

The nasty comments are almost always from people that do not yoyo.

If we ignore them maybe they will go away.

If you build it… They will come…