Skill Level Means Nada When Age and Kindness is a Factor

I have to say that I have Great Respect and Admiration For This Women who’s video I stumbled upon Today. Now I believe these are older vids but even still, It’s people like her that make me love the Community as well as Learning to yoyo and to see this Women that goes by the name of moomintroll8 on YouTube. What got me the most was most YoYo review vids are by Younger kids, Teenagers, or Gentlemen like Doc YoYo on and Chris, Brett, and Jacob from and Sniffy-Yo form and they are all great vids. Well I was skimming through YouTube and came across a Review for a Duncan Flying squirrel, Not my type of YoYo. But this Was the YoYo that made this Older Women (maybe in late 50’s early 60’s) very happy to have and then the video got better, She started showing off her skillz and man… well not sure if I’m suppose to but Watch this Video and the video after of her doing a Tower to GT and Bind. She also Started a YoYo Club and Bought YoYo’s for all of her Students. Check out these vids and her YouTube Channel

Never have I ever made such a point of subscribing to a channel. This is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen. she may not be the best, but she has just become my new favorite yoyoer, because of the dedication that she put into everything. just the kindness and warmth that comes with her videos is amazing. It really saddens me to see people flame her on her channel, people saying things like “You suck” to a woman of her age anyone really makes me loose faith in the yoyoing community, not as a whole, but as a sector of age. Some of the youngsters out there really need to learn to respect anyone who is new to the game, no matter what their age is. Telling people that they are bad is just redundant, and senseless, especially when they are new. It’s plain ridiculous to flame someone who isn’t great, whether or not they pour their money into yoyos or not. There is a level or respect to newcomers that we all must have, otherwise we can never expect the yoyoing community to grow.
Let’s revert to an old rule “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
She got flamed, and she keeps going. all I can say is bravo to her. and welcome to my list of top 5 throwers


She’s awesome!!! I wish my mom had mad yo yo skills like she does!

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She is too good. As Q said, she is just dedicated. Proof that it truly has nothing to do with skill. It is all about having fun and spreading the love.

I believe that is a woman that is on another forum. The aren’t that old. I believe she lives in or near Tulsa Ok. Yes she is awesome. I’ve traded pm’s with her. Sweet lady!

I’ve seen her vids before and she is one rad lady!!! I have to agree w/ stephosh too

haha i also watch her videos shes a really kind lady

I saw her videos when I first started yoyoing, and I didn’t pay no mind because I was an obnoxious “IM GAWNA BE THE BERST YOYOR EVAR!!!” (like alot of people who start out)

I look at these now and say. fist pump

I have totally agree and enjoy her videos as well as her Golden Retriever, He just always seems to get in the Frame lol. My Cat and 2 Dogs get all up on me too when I yoyo, lol it’s funny but gets annoying sometimes. It’s seems that when I get into yoyoing they all surround me, my cat at my feet and the dogs sit 1 on each side in front of me. I gotta Squirt them with a a water bottle to get em to move, cause it’s like yelling at the wall to get them to do anything. Theres the boss which is my PeekaPug and the Monkey see Monkey Do Harley my Japanese Chin, both little and alway in the way.
Anyway for this Post, I found a couple more YoYo Grandmas. 1 is a vid of grandma showing off and the other is a Pic from a lady Peggy Collins Flickr page of a cpl Pic’s she took from her Appartment Window of a Grandma YoYoing. I just get into the fact that even though their older they don’t stray from Learning New Things at their age (it took for ever for my Brother and I to get my mom to switch from a VCR to a DVD, to get a cell phone and use a Computer, lol to many buttons she said) so check out this…
YoYo Gandma

Pic of YoYo Grandma From Window
Pic 1

This one looks like she’s about to take the boy off the bike or he’s scared, lol
Pic 2

Pic 2 is GOLD!

That kid is like “Watch out Granny!!!”

Now this guy on the other hand…

Yea, 'nuff said about him :slight_smile:

Are they even spinning?

nope. He was nothing more than a joke.

That was horrible. It even brings insult to people who ARE a joke. He’s got to step up to get good enough to be a joke.

Bring back YoYo Granny, not the Blue Angel Klutz. All he can teach is “kids, no, this isn’t worth doing” and “look out! INCOMING!”.

Everyone is missing the point with K-Strass. He’s a prankster trying to get on as many shows as possible. He’s messing with people and I think it’s kinda brilliant!!!

That’s Phiz! Everyone who was on this forum back then remembers her.

I agree…but his comedy seems to go over a lot of peoples’ heads. It took me a while to figure out he wasn’t being serious and that it was just an act.