Some new mods, bearingsized Auldey L3 and polished/satined Trinity.

A L3 modded to fit a D bearing and satined. Has a vibe similar to a YYJ’s, before and after the mod. Does wobble when not tuned, but I would say this turned out very well!! This was done by gluing a hubstack into the bearing seat and cutting it to fit the D bearing, and then I removed the bearing post and replaced it with my own shims.

Trinity with polished catch zone and satined rim and IRG. I hated the anodized finish, it would leave a blue powder on my thumb :stuck_out_tongue:

Why didn’t you polish everything except the IRG and catch zone? I didn’t like mine cause it wouldn’t grind.

Do you mean why didn’t I just polish the rims? If so, it was to make the Trinity look more like a Dark Magic.

I’m saying why didn’t you satin the part where the plastic would do on a dark magic?

Oh, it was to retain the look of a Dark Magic more.

Ah, I see.