Trinity Mods ;)

Are there any mods that i can use to improve my trinity? i chnge the bearing to centertrac. other than that ??

There is no need to improve the play of the trinity. It plays very well. If it’s not playing the way you like, I’d suggest either improving your throw, maybe siliconing it, or just get a new yoyo. The trinity is a great yoyo, and I have found nothing wrong with it.

Maybe satin it? IDK if the trinity is already, but you can:
High Wall

Most of these, you’re probably going to need to send the job to a modder.

None of those will really improve it though. Those are just different finishes to change the look. The High Wall will lighten the yoyo and widen the gap a little, but IMO doesn’t improve it. It also requires a modder, as skeleton said.

Yeah, if you’re going to improve it, there’s almost nothing there is to do. Why do you think you you need to mod it? It’s fine the way it is. The things I listed are things you can do but all it does would be nothing as Preinfalk says.