Some kitty code 2 pics

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lol having trouble there?


Tapatalk seems not to like to upload properly today
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Odd. Suddenly now the pics are visible.
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Fixed. Not sure how though.
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When will these go for sale?



isn’t that cool having your own pic on a fabulous yo-yo.


Some time in June but no date set yet
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It really is
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im in love with this yo-yo but im soo sad i might not be able to buy one :’(


Ray and Tawd did an awesome job on the anodizing!


They sure did. Really great fun working with those guys.
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I added some close ups of the champagne version
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Sweet yo man!


getting close to the release. I’m excited to see these drop. what would price be. is there any talk or shot in the dark price?


It is very exciting.
The price is still being figured out I think.
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