Kitteh Ano prototype photos from MonkeyfingeR

hey all. I just got some preliminary ano photos from the mans of monkey. We’re still going over some color ideas, but it’s getting pretty close to ready.

here’s the post, photos up top and at the bottom.

Those look nice.

Thanks. We’re all very excited about
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Not to be rude but I think the green on brown would look like vomit when spinning. (actual vomit, not like vomit as in bad) Maybe gold paw prints would look better?

Hey then you could call the color way “Vomit” :slight_smile:

Things are really getting dialed in nicely. Monkeyfinger just sent over photos of what I think will be the final color. The time we’ve all taken is really paying off.

Update at:
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I like this one more.

Looking great! Nice work on these!

Cool. I think we’re all really happy with this. It will be the final color and pattern, should be getting anodized on Wednesday.
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My two loves coming together…yoyos benefiting cats. I’m very interested and I can’t wait to see more!

Awesome. The ano should be done thus week, then shipped back down for assembly, choosing the final custom string set, and finally packaging.

I’ll be doing an unboxing before it drops in yye. There will be 22 units in the run.
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Man. Too bad I already got a CODE2. I would love to buy one knowing that it will benefit cats.

Got photos of the finals, posted on sniffy , half are done and the other half should be ready after the weekend.

Then next, once the kittehs arrive - some packaging materials need to be figured out, custom string colors will be chosen, then assembly, and finally all will be shipped to YoYoExpert where it will drop. I’ll be doing an unboxing before launch so everybody can see what all is included.

Pretty exciting.
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Nice job putting this together, Sniffy!

Thanks. Everyone involved deserves the credit. It’s been a really smooth collaboration.
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Exciting development…

Just got off the phone with Ray at mF, we decided to do 2 different colorways, the final posted a couple of days ago, and one from a previous prototype that matches the sniffy site colors.

Photos posted on the site. The ano will likely be done this weekend.
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i love it!!! great job bringing this project together it probably wasn’t an easy task. I hope i can scrape together the money to grab one i would love to. Amazing job everyone involved!

Hey. Thanks.
This is one of the smoothest creative collaborations I’ve ever been part of.
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Just got some final photos.
I posted a bunch on
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I really like the blue ones!