Some encouragement to new video makers.

jumps in happily

Hewo! ^ ^

So I notice I’ve seen some newer video makers in the community, and that’s great!
Its always awesome to see new people coming in and trying their hand at video editing and creation.

I also see some kids getting discouraged to make videos due to the quality of some of the video makers in this community. I gotta admit, some of the stuff being put out production quality wise is breathtaking!

I want to say though, that despite being swarmed by these video producers who are making such content, there is no need to be dismayed, cause you gotta remember, we all start somewhere, and if we don’t keep working on our skills, we won’t get anywhere. Video editing and production can be a long and tedious process, and very frustrating at times, but the end result is one of the most rewarding things in the world.

I myself am a video producer and have been making event videos for numerous events around the US, both yoyo, and non yoyo related. And It’s fun to look back at where I have come since I started. To put it into perspective, here is my first ever contest video from many years back (this is pretty bad, be warned! > . < )

comparing that to my last contest video:

Its been a crazy ride getting from there to now, but so rewarding and great learning process all the way. Just saying, dont give up and don’t be discouraged! You all have a great mind and video creation is just one of the many things in there. :slight_smile:

Keep throwing, keep practicing your editing skills, and be YOU!




Editing and film-making are rewarding if you put the time and effort into it. Just push on my fellow throwers!