Some day

Some day I want to be a moderator so I can see the moderator deleted threads. Man, there is probably some golden stuff in there. There’s already some juicy gossip in the trader feedback section, so I can only imagine that the deleted threads are that times 100.

I can wish, right?

I think we’ve all wished that at some point

I’ll tell ya, the best part is we get to see all the ads for designer purses, Nikes, Addidas and cell phones that most people here miss out on. Looks like there’s some fantastic deals to be had in Nigeria and other similar pleasure spas on most any day of the week. Great deals on vacations too.

And all it takes is a credit card…


this made me laugh more than i should have lol

jhb, are there a lot of non yoyo related ads daily?

Just out of curiosity, how does one become a moderator?

By eating a cheese burger called the Moderator only than is one worthy to become a moderator

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I don’t look at the moderator deleted threads section and I doubt anyone else does either. Really the only purpose of that section is so we can undo deletes on questionable threads. It has always been my policy to perma-delete the advertisements.