Some Brief Thoughts on the Halberd

The R2FG Halberd is the type of yo-yo a thrower can rely on while in play and truly learn to love and appreciate. It is also one that can be purchased at a thoughtfully low price, one that is much less likely to break the bank than many other great yo’s. The Halberd is simple and far from flashy, but it certainly gets the job done again and again.
I’ve had my Halberd ever since I saw it introduced on the YoYoExpert forum. I’m not typically one to make yo-yo buys on the fly, but I was intrigued by the brand that created the Halberd, the company known as Rotation To Fight Gravity (R2FG). This company was almost instantly interesting to me. Their throws seemed to be a bit more on the minimalistic side of things in terms of general design, and while they had a decent price range between their various products, it seemed evident that their focus lay on more budget oriented throws.
I don’t exclusively go for inexpensive throws, the low weight of my wallet can certainly speak to that. In the same way, many of the yo-yo manufacturers I admire and respect the most are by no means all about selling budget throws, and I’m thankful for this on many levels as many of the bests products on the yo-yo market today couldn’t be developed, sold and distributed for such low prices.
Regardless, R2FG impressed me in those ways and, as stated before, the Halbert did not carry a particularly hefty price tag. So I went ahead and made the purchase. When that yo came to me in the mail later that week, I expected to have fun with it. What I did not expect, however, was to be so taken aback at what it could do.
The Halberd is certainly not lightweight by my standards, but it does not feel excessively heavy either, and moves through string tricks and grinds quite well. It plays with stability and strength in a way that makes it easy to pick up for any sort of routine practice. The Halberd has a workhorse feel about it too, one that makes long sessions with it feel satisfactory and well-placed. It’s a tough throw not to like whether you’re looking to have some fun or learn a new trick.
I have few complaints about the Halberd, so few and most so trivial that I don’t see it as necessary to note any of them except perhaps one, and that is simply that I don’t love the appearance of this throw. As I said earlier I appreciate the minimalistic approach R2FG seems to take with their yo’s. The Halberd, however, comes across a bit too simplistic for my taste. I do understand though that such may also be the nature of its low price, at least to some degree.
Nevertheless, this is a great throw. I recommend it for anyone on a budget, or not. Thanks for reading!