A Few Thoughts on the YYF Uppercut

I’ve been throwing the YYF Uppercut a lot lately, and the other day I decided to jot down some notes on this yo. I then took it a slight step forward and threw a little write up together to share with the forum. I’ve read many similar posts on here that I greatly enjoyed so I thought it could be nice to do the same. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read these thoughts.

I’ve handled a fair number of YoYoFactory throws during my time in this hobby, but admittedly probably not quite as many as most. I enjoy throwing the Arrow, mainly for responsive 1A and I am a fan of the Legend Wing for 0A, but while I like my Replay Pro, I don’t quite feel the love for it that many others express. That being said, YYF is known to have an extensive catalog of models so I don’t necessarily see it as fair for me to base my opinion of their extensive work off three throws. Nevertheless, going into my receipt of the 2021 YoYoFactory × YoYoExpert Knockout Mystery Box, I’d certainly be lying if I said that my anticipation of what was coming in the mail wasn’t largely based on what I already knew from YYF, limited as that selection may be.
However, at this point I’ve given the Uppercut a great deal of play time and have found it to surpass most of my expectations. For one, this yoyo delivers a strong, clean throw. Breakaways feel great on the Uppercut, and my first of those with this particular throw was an especially notable moment of enjoyment.
In the same way, in throwing a variety of tricks from a sleeper to a matrix to a mix of various green triangle-centered combos and a few other elements that I enjoy, the Uppercut leads with the sort of ease that reminds me of a yo-yo I hold enjoy a great deal - the Good Life Mantra. The Uppercut is not up to par with the Mantra on several other points, but that’s a different conversation on two separate price points and other variables.
The Uppercut also handles lacerations well and feels quite balanced whether it be on or off the string. It is a smooth moving yo and while its performance may not be anything to scream about it is certainly a throw that makes for a good, solid throwing session. This is particularly notable considering its relatively affordable price tag and accessible nature.
What brings me the most joy when it comes to the YoYoFactory Uppercut is the way that I have rediscovered it and become smitten with it again so quickly. For when I first received this yoyo in a mystery box some time ago, just like many other throwers did, I liked it a great deal. Ultimately, however, I set it aside as a separate purchase took up the majority of my attention. When I recently picked it up again though, I almost instantly remembered exactly what I had initially liked about it so much. Before long, I was throwing this yo regularly and, well, writing this review.
Thank you for reading.


I always held on to the Aluminum Dream for same reasons, surprises me with its power, comfort and stability every time…


Thanks for writing and sharing. Without much thought, I noticed that I really like the Uppercut as well. I got one at about the same time as I got the KO and I ended up preferring the Uppercut most of the time. Even though it’s smaller than my favorites, it plays great and lives in my kitchen with the other regulars.

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Yes, I’ve found myself preferring the Uppercut as well. Glad you enjoy yours as much as I do mine!

Looks like a great value, the solid ones look so nice.

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