some blast work for fun!!!

I did this this afternoon with my dads sandblaster. I think the media wasn’t fine enough because it doesn’t grind very good. I will prolly polish it later then. U can see the throw was beat before. To those who are experienced with this how could I do it better?? Where do you get your media?? What kind do you buy??

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pix soon ;D ;D ;D

That’s good I wish I could do that

You need to mask off the surfaces surrounding the response pads where the string will make contact. Be careful with this one the way it is because it is going to annihilate your string. You stand a very good chance of sending your throw through a window from an eaten string

You can use sand, just turn the pressure down and mask off the inside where the string will be touching so it won’t snap them. Or, just rub that area down with your jeans or Scotch-brite after blasting.

I can’t tell you much about sand blasting because I don’t use it. I do of course bead and soda blasting. With the sand I would just look online, harbor freight and the like, for the finest media. Sand is pretty harsh on aluminum and may leave your finish a little too rough.

One thing you can try is throttle back on the pressure and increase the distance from gun to work piece. You can experiment with these to try and get “finer” finish. As mentioned above just watch your gap area if the finish is rough. You may wind up with a slingshot.

Mask the bearing seat and response area, that blast will eat string like it’s spaghetti. And you could always try baking soda as a media.

Also dont blast in the axle hole or the axle.

ya this was just a beater i had laying around. :wink: and baking soda sounds like a great idea for media. also what blaster do you use for bead and soda blasting because mine is a pressure pot. i think i might polish it next. even with not masking the bearing seat it still seats resonably well and i will remember the masking next time.

So to polish would I use mothers?

Any aluminum polish.

Mothers is good, so is Nevrdull and Brasso…

Ok thanks I’m gonna go work on polishing.

Polish works but you need to get a smooth surface first using sand paper. Start with 180 or 200 grit then work your way up to 600 grit. Wet/dry paper used wet is best.

yes i was aware of that.

I use Mothers Aluminum Polish :wink: Someday, I will get off my lazy butt and just write a tutorial on polishing lol

ok i just finished reblasting it with a little soda blaster i bought this morning. i havent played it yet but the finish feels like it would grind really good.

edit: i just finished playing it and it grinds really good. now im gonna polish. i just bought some mothers this morning.

Man yoyo spirit I have respect for your polish jobs. It took forever to do a bad job so I can’t imagine how long it would take to do a good job