Heyy guys, I went through a few pages and didnt see anything about this. Anyways, I have a fg avalanche that has pretty scratched up paint. Have you guys ever sandblasted a YoYo? Or would it pit the aluminum? I dont want to damage the YoYo, as it still plays nice. But I like the rare metal look

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Honestly sen it to Bob!
Just have him strip it then beadblast it!
then get a clear powdercoat and that would give that chic raw look, and wont scratch!


Sandblasting is to aggresive for the soft nature of aluminum. It can work but you need to be very careful with it. Bead blasting and soda blasting on the other hand is what your looking for. I prefer to bead blast my yoyos with a very fine bead media because I feel it does a better job than the soda.

As aznnboyaz says below once blasted the raw blast can be sealed in with a clear powder coat. You will lose the feel of the bead blast but it will never tarnish, smudge or scratch the blast once clear powder coated. You can also send a freshly blasted yoyo off to get a clear ano seal which imo is the best thing to do. It will preserve the feel of the blast and help protect it for the most part, not like powder coat but it will still help guard against smudges and light scratches.

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